We must come together.

Were we not together at nine eleven?
Have we now lost faith in our country?
Why aren’t we together anymore?
Our forefathers didn’t act this way, did they?
Why can’t we get ourselves together?

Technology brings us together,
But we all communicate nothing.
Don’t tell everyone what you think.
Let our leaders lead us into the future.
Do our leaders know where to lead us?

People scrimp and save, then don’t vote.
Times are too tough and we all worry.
The mega-rich won’t save our economy,
Without our forcing them to do so…
Are we all alone or together?

Ethical behavior has lost its meaning.
Hey, It’s just business, nothing personal.
So – what! I need it more than he does.
If she doesn’t know; it won’t hurt her.
Can we be selfish and together?

This greatest country on earth
Flails and scares its people.
Upside down thinking prevails.
Our Congress is a microcosm.
Will we let us come together?

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