June 7, 2021

Hope for the future has taken quite a beating over the last year and a half. The whole world has been on hold for way longer than its citizens wanted.

This planet full of humans has shown how little patience it has for waiting. In the beginning, it was a break from the mundane world of rushing here and there. But unfortunately, humans did not evolve to wait. It goes against the grain to wait. Humans evolved to be doers, not pausers.

A caveman, who spots an animal he wants to eat, pauses for nothing in his quest for food. Only fear will stop him. As societies grew, the least fearful were the ones who gained power. People who had no fear became the leaders and doers of our world. Chance taking became the name of the game.

Patience is a virtue, and many of the world’s religions base their teaching on this idea of patience. For example, spiritual leaders teach patience to reach nirvana, patience to see your loved ones again in Heaven, and patience in this world so you can reach the next and achieve your spiritual goals.

Having no fear and patience are diametric ideas with the same goal — control. It takes experience and common sense to discern when to use either or both.

The Coronavirus Plague pits those who are patient against the fearless. Yet, we all want the same goal: freedom from the ropes that tie us down.

The answer to our problem lies in using both these human ideas.

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