Something impossible has happened to me.

Two and a half years ago
Diagnosed with colon cancer.
Problem: I need a liver transplant.
Liver transplant on hold.
At least three years,
After cancer cured before I can get one.
Duh. Lots of people need liver transplants.
So they dole them out based on the likelihood of keeping it.
Would I live long enough?
Two major operations later,
Nine months of chemotherapy every day.
Radiation five days a week for five months.
A bag of poop hanging on my body for nine.
All day every day.
A shunt in my liver to prevent bleeding to death.
Encephalopathy of the brain,
Cry all the time,
Confused a lot,
Toxins go straight to the brain.
Liver not working at all.
My kids think I’m crazy.
Feel Crazy…
Do I have the will?
Will my kids live thru this?
Do I want to?
They took out the shunt.
I begged them.
No one should live like this,
My doctor agreed.
My mind came back to me.
Happy to see you mind.
Two years cancer free,
One more to go.
Doctor says:
Change the way you eat Becky.
Need you to be healthy,
For the liver transplant.
So I did.
Began to feel better.
Now six months later,
I beat it.
No more liver transplant for me.
Now I want to share that magic–
Heal yourself,
with everyone I meet.

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