Change the way you eat and save your life

I changed how I eat and now I no longer need a liver transplant or need diabetes medicine or have high cholesterol.

I am writing this for all the people who have one of these problems or more than one or all three. I want to save you from what I went through to get where I am now. I am as healthy as my age and past eating habits allow.

I am 72 years old and ate like most of you do, all of my life. Later I will tell you about the onslaught of my illness, all that I went through, and about the doctors who helped me. My hope is that the stories I tell you will help you have a longer more enjoyable life, without the suffering that I went through.

Perhaps this will help you achieve the same success I have if you make the right decision for yourself and your loved ones. By that I mean: change the way you eat forever.

You will make an old woman very happy if only three of you make the decision to extend your life.

I never thought of myself as a fat overeating style of person. In fact, I always believed I was overweight because I was not very athletic and needed to exercise more but that made me sweat and was uncomfortable. So, although I sometimes exercised; most of my life I did not.

I only weighed my perfect weight (according to standard weight versus height calculations) a few times in my life and not for very long at a time. Until I was over 50, I was never more than 40 pounds past the “perfect weight” for my height. Consequently, I never really worried much about what I ate. I did go on occasional diets and sometimes lost down close to what I should weigh. Of course, it always came back when I returned to my old eating habits.

I saved my life by doing exactly what my doctor told me to do. Not pretty much did it or most of the time or some of the time, but I did it always: every minute of every day and I still do it every day and always will. I did it exactly as I was told to do it and I read everything about it that I could find; so, in the beginning, I was reminded every day of why it was important.

I wanted to live.

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